Top 20 Teens Book

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The success or failure teenagers have in their lives, relationships, or school experiences has a great deal to do with how they think, learn, and communicate. Learning effective ways to manage their social-emotional needs will lead students to make better decisions, have healthier relationships, and be more successful. Concepts covered in Top 20 Teens include:

  • Becoming aware of our thinking.
  • Replacing blame with curiosity when we are not getting desired results.
  • Building trust.
  • Resolving conflict.
  • Reducing negativity and the power of self-limiting beliefs.
  • Learning from mistakes.
  • Discovering relevancy in school.
  • Developing Star Qualities (confidence, responsibility, motivation, persistence).
  • Overcoming negative mental habits (self-doubt, boredom, fear of other peoples’ opinions, worry)

Lessons Include:

The 80/20 Rule
A New Formula for Success
The Frame: See-Feel-Do-Get

Thinking: Self-Smart
An Inside Job
Do You See or Are You Blind?
Beliefs: Fact or Fiction?
Above and Below the Line
Eliminating Thought Circles
The Influence of Messages
Learning from Our Mistakes
Growing through Risk

Learning: School-Smart
What’s in It for Me?
Roadblocks to Success
Levels of Listening
Realizations: In the Moment and After the Fact
Organization for Success
Missing the Boat
Goals: Bettering Your Best
School Skills

Communicating: People-Smart
Building Your Trust Fund
“But I didn’t say anything!”
Tornadoes of Negativity
Responding to Hits
Heart-to-Heart Conflict Resolution
Instant Replay
Feedback: Staying on Course
Leadership: Creating Value for Others

Putting It All Together
Hangouts: Core and Circumference
Becoming: Quest for True Self