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Hear From Our Customers!

"Using the Paraeducator Online Training program has been a positive change for our district. The technology is up-to-date and user-friendly, and the staff is extremely helpful and available whenever I have had questions or concerns. The study materials provided for the final assessments are very helpful to our paraprofessionals, as well as the additional trainings and resources they have access to. We are very happy with the services provided to help us keep our district highly qualified." 

Anne Simonson Lehr
Program Assistant/Medicaid Coordinator
Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona

"We chose the Paraeducator Online Training because the program offers a wide variety of courses that can be individualized to the needs of our paraprofessionals. It also is convenient for the paraprofessionals to complete the courses at their own pace and has been used for our PD days throughout the school year. It is easy to use and provides valuable information that paras can use to support students in the classroom. It also offers transcripts and course certificates for paras to document their training throughout the school year. Many of our users have reported that they liked the online training because it is meaningful and relates to their job duties. We are excited for the continued use of the program and look forward to providing quality training to every paraeducator in our school system."

Stacey Spies, Ph.D.
Director of Special Education
St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools, California

"There is a such a wide variety of courses available. Courses are tailored and address the needs of the staff taking the courses. I absolutely love the knowledge and application worksheets. I have used them often to further develop the skill; facilitate group discussion; and develop additional projects for discussion. Before Paraeducator Online Training I spent HOURS/DAY doing the research to develop PowerPoints, handouts, worksheets, activities to address the skills in need of improvement. Now, I simply click on the course(s) that I want to assign to my staff and I am done! Now I can spend more time on facilitating group discussions and activities based on the content of the courses assigned. This program is very user friendly. I love being able to monitor who has completed what courses. I also like that I can assign specific courses based on specific individual needs. The paraeducators are elated about having this program as an option. They have completed courses in both small group settings and individually. They indicated that they appreciated the fact that I could provide professional development specific to them."

Sherri L. Daniels
Director, Office of Specialized Student Services
Oak Park School District, Illinois

"The Paraeducator Online Training has provided our district with an affordable way to offer our teaching assistants relevant professional development. Prior to using this training, our TAs were often put into training situations that only related to their work in a superficial or indirect way. Now there are many opportunities for them to engage in topics pertinent to their needs."

Karen Conroy
Director of Curriculum
Voorheesville Central Schools, New York

"My paraprofessionals have grown more independent in their services with the students. They are more confident in themselves knowing that what they are doing is appropriate and beneficial for the students based on the training and information they have gained."

Tonya Mullaney
Special Education Director
Newell School District, South Dakota

"The Paraeducator Online Training program has helped newly hired paraeducators get on board, as well as current paras because it helps reconfirm items and techniques they have been utilizing already. It is more of a starting block for staff to get on the same page. We find it useful to have the student teams (teachers, paras, SLP, OT, etc.) debrief after the courses to fill in relevant information that pertains to their students."

Joel Stefani
Para Trainer
Santa Clara Unified School District, California

"The program is about the simplist way for paras to access PD that we have found. We have very limited time to have PD for paras. This program lets them complete PD in a flexible way—during less demanding periods and at their own pace."

William Morriss
Weiser School District, Idaho

"We have been using the Paraeducator Online Training since 2003 and have found it a very efficient way to reach a large group of employees with a wide range of experience, educational background and assignments within our school corporation. Our paraprofessionals appreciate being able to approach the professional development on their own time, proceed at their own rate and choose topics very appropriate for the students with whom they work."

Pauline Busby
Coordinator, Budgets/Grants, Special Education
South Bend Community School Corporation, Indiana

"I have found the program to be highly beneficial for our newest paraeducator hires. We have arranged the trainings into themed lists where paras are to take the 4-6 online modules and then attend a face-to-face session to extend the learning. We have some paras who only do the online trainings, some who only attend the face-to-face sessions, and some who do both. Each "cohort" runs for 18 months, giving each para time to participate and an accessible platform for seeking additional information. Veteran paras are not as interested, so we focus on the new hires. Teachers and special education teacher leaders report that the paras who participate are so much more prepared to support staff and students than paras who don't participate."

Sally Murek
Coordinator, Paraeducator Program
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

"Paras are required to attain CTLE credits and need to keep up-to-date on strategies for different learners and children. Paraeducator gives them both. We all need a refresher on strategies; some things are new, some we learned but forgot. Always changing strategies keeps kids going. Having engaged kids makes happy kids, which gets you happy paras, making happy admins..."

Naomi Lehrer
Staff Developer
William McKInley Junior High School, New York

"The training program is unique in its ability to meet so many needs. It is affordable, effective, and valuable. I know it is a value by the conversations I hear among staff. Seeing them print the additional tools provided and use them, and observing them apply what they learn! I spent countless hours designing training that met the needs I observed or expressed by staff. I did not have on hand a series of training that built foundational knowledge, addressed best practice, and covered all areas of professional learning commonly needed by staff. Some of the many benefits for me were the ability to assign and require content based on needs of staff. I like being able to pull reports to follow up with the staff and useful data. Teachers and paraeducators both expressed that they liked that the large library of trainings available they always had access to. They could select the training most relevant to them and their classroom. They thought the trainings covered a wide variety of topics and information was presented in a clear, easy to understand way."

Jennifer Schuff
Specturm Charter School, Inc, Pennsylvania

"Paraeducator Online Training is a cost-effective, easy, and quick way to ensure that applicants meet the requirements established by our state. It also gives individuals a sense of what they will be doing in regard to instructional support in the classroom. I would highly recommend this program to any school district!"

Dena Faaborg
HR Specialist
Crowley ISD, Texas

"I struggle to find the time to develop meaningful professional development for our paraeducators. This product is already organized and ready for implementation, allowing for our paras to access it when it is convenient for them. Initial feedback from my paras is overwhelmingly positive in providing them the professional development that is directly applied to their day-to-day student responsibilities."

Arrin Woller
Associate Principal
Wausau School District, Wisconsin

"We use Paraeducator Online Training as a tool to help all of our paraprofessionals meet "highly qualified" status through the Department of Public Instruction. This tool provided user-friendly training while reviewing and reinforcing necessary skills for our paraprofessionals. The Online Training tool was easy to access and use with both small and large group sessions. Assessments could be monitored in real time to allow participants immediate feedback on their successes. Thank you for providing this valuable training tool."

Lisa Hollenberger
Director of Special Education/Pupil Services
School District of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

"Trainings for our school staff are limited, as our school district is very isolated. The paraprofessionals who are using the program appreciate the training opportunities. Since there are a wide range of topics from which to choose, the paras are able to select training modules that are relevant to their individual work situations."

Margaret Murray
Department of Defense Education

"Our Instructional Assistants now know what it takes and better understand the needs of our students."

Roxana Avila
Classified Technician
Alhambra School District #68, Arizona

"Each of my paraeducators participates in the modules. We have used this for professional development for our paras for 4 years. The paras comment that they like the content and ease of use."

Tammy Stowers-Tonn
Director of Special Education/School Psychologist
Westfield Area School District, Wisconsin

"Paraeducator provides quality professional development that is individualized to best meet the specific needs of each staff member."

Rob DeSmith
Special Education Director
Leslie Public Schools, Michigan

"Our paraprofessionals are able to continue learning ways to work effectively."

Alta Piechowski
ESS Director
Sanders USD, Arizona

"The Paraeducator Online Training program has been a wonderful asset in our schools. Paraeducators are able to have high-quality training and are able to tailor this training to the needs of the students and programs they serve."

Inge Esping
Assistant Director of Special Education
McPherson County Special Education Cooperative, Kansas

"The training provides our paraeducators with a common vocabulary. Paraeducators learn the skills they need to help students become independent learners (our ultimate goal)."

Amber Warsnak
Harvey County Spec. Ed. Coop., Connecticut

"I've had a couple of applicants for the Paraeducator position that have taken the exam and have turned out to be fabulous Paraeducators."

Anna Frisby
HR/Academic Consultant
Omega Alpha Academy, Arizona

"Many of our paraprofessionals are receiving ongoing professional development for the first time using the Paraeducator Online Training. It is easy to use and convenient for staff."

Todd Whitmire
Pittsburg High School, California

"I have been able to train and make recommendations based on the program. I love the wide variety of information the course offers."

Jenn Phelps
Paraprofessional consultant
Ottawa Area Intermediate School District , Michigan

"It has given our complete staff a different outlook on dealing with students and their behaviors, and how we as educators may influence our students in ways that we did not know we were and how these may have been negative influences."

Jerry R. Strickland
Dillon County Technology Center, New Mexico

"The paraprofessionals feel as though they are receiving training personalized for them."

Julianna Tramontana
Assistant Principal
I.S. 24 - Myra S. Barnes, New York

"The online training was a great way for our paraprofessionals to meet their HQT requirement."

Mandy Aug
Chief Academic Officer
Three Rivers Local SD, Ohio

"It has helped our school district and given paraprofessionals the opportunity to be successfully qualified each year in helping with their 20 hours of staff development."

Tara Rao
Access Coordinator
South Fayette Township School District, Pennsylvania

"It has allowed us to individualize PD based on the needs of the student population and on the needs of the paraeducators in our district."

Kelly Enoch
Director of Special Services
Clinton Public Schools, South Carolina

"We used the Title I lessons and assessments to "re-calibrate" our instructional aides. This group has commented on how nice it was to use the modules and select other topics of their own choice to gain continuing education hours for district requirements."

Torri Miller
Assistant Superintendent
Winnsboro ISD, Texas

"The courses have proven to be a great advantage for our staff. Sometimes our paraprofessionals are required to take the courses again to update their background on certain criteria."

Stephanie Fedei
Paraprofessional Coordinator
Fairview School District, Pennsylvania

"It has allowed administrators to provide professional development to professional and paraprofessional staff at the same time for efficiency in the school calendar."

Kelly Dickey
Special Education Director
NEIU 19, Pennsylvania

"I believe that it provided a wealth of information for people to become better informed."

Beth Kirkley
Director of Special Education
Ukiah Unified School District, California

"It allowed paraeducators to differentiate for the professional learning that fit their job situation."

Lydia Kolb
Shelton Elementary School in Paulding County, Georgia

"Having the opportunity for our Educational Assistants to engage in this program is a great way to prepare and utilize in keeping their minds sharp and knowledgeable for our students and their minds as well!"

Bibi Barela
Human Resources
Hagerman Municipal Schools, Kansas

"We have been using the Paraeducator Online Training Program for several years. The staff has stated the sessions are high quality and relevant to their daily work."

Stefanie Raspotnik
Professional Development & Funding Coordinator
Penn Hills School District, Pennsylvania

"Great and easy to use. The paraeducator staff have been waiting for training materials like this."

Justin Gonzales
Alpine ISD, Texas

"Paraprofessionals greatly appreciated the opportunity for professional development since they do not very often receive training."

Katie Schmeltzer
Assistant Princpal
Freedom Area School District, Wisconsin

"It is exciting to hear when one of the paraprofessionals has been able to implement a certain technique with a child who has a unique challenge."

Nancy Bifulco
Special Ed Secretary
North East School District, Pennsylvania

"Using this program allowed Tri-County Paraeducators to become Highly Qualified for the Title I school-wide program and learn methods of teaching and reaching students with disabilities."

Tammy Werner
Secretary/MIS Clerk
Tri-County Special Education Cooperative, Kansas

"The Paraeducator Online Training program has helped many staff members in their jobs. It is very easy to complete and our Teaching Assistants on Level lll love it very much."

Angie Rivera
Rochester Association of Paraprofessionals, New York

"We have a considerable number of Paraprofessionals. We on-board many throughout the year. Some come to us with a lot of training and some with less. It is a nice way to even the playing field between veteran employees and people new to the district. It is one of the training tools in our arsenal, and it provides training for those that need additional training to fill voids."

Jennifer Rodgers
Special Education and Paraprofessional Services Coordinator
Woodland Hills School District, Pennsylvania

"It has enabled the paraprofessionals to understand their roles in the classroom setting. I have seen improvement in their job performance upon completion of the modules."

Salina Byrd
Assistant Director
Grayson County Special Ed. Co-op, Texas

"As a regional coordinator (CESA 7), I have had several districts utilize Paraeducator Online Training. The depth of knowledge and content enhances quality student support."

Deborah Shimanek
Title 2 Coordinator/Learning Specialist
CESA 7, Wisconsin

"Provided my special education paraprofessional staff with consistent information and provided an opportunity to engage staff in deep conversations."

Rita Geilfuss
Director of Pupil Services & Special Education
Elkhorn Area School District, Wisconsin

"It has made it easier to hire individuals who do not have college hours. In our area, finding paras with college hours is very difficult."

Cindy Alberts
Special Education Secretary
Chautauqua and Elk County Special Education Services, Kansas

"Many districts appreciated the flexibility and offered paras an opportunity to learn at their own pace."

Mary J Ziegler
Title I Coordinator
CESA 2, Wisconsin

"Provides our Classified staff and Educational Assistants the opportunity to get licensed."

Verna Jim
Personnel Office Assistant - Para Ed Adm.
Gallup McKinley County Schools, New Mexico

"We used this program to certify our paras as being highly qualified. This was an effective and efficient way to accomplish this."

Pamela Schuster
Chilton Elementary School, Wisconsin

"The courses have a positive impact on our paraprofessional staff as they prepare to enter the classroom for the first time as a paraeducator."

Angela Foster
Business Manager
Onalaska ISD, Texas

"It allows each of our paraprofessionals to become highly qualified."

Matt Peterson
Assistant Director
Doniphan County Education Co-op #616, Kansas

"The technical support and customer service were fantastic! Paraeducator Online Training was a helpful tool for our paraprofessionals to achieve their goal of meeting high state standards."

Erin Calvin
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Omro School District, Wisconsin

"Great program materials."

Samuel Kratz
DODEA, Georgia

"We use this for testing paras for employment."

Gail Ramirez
Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist
Topeka Public Schools, Kansas

"Provided excellent Professional Development for Paras."

Deboah Jones
Area Coordinator
Special School District, Missouri

"It helps with the PED required testing for our Educational Assistants."

Sandy Daugherty
SPED Adminstrator/HR
Tatum Municipal Schools, New Mexico

"Paraeducator Online Training has made it easy and possible for individuals to become certified Paraeducators without going through hoops."

DeLorean Griffin
Executive Assistant
Maple Heights City Schools, Ohio

"Paraeducator Online Training program is an effective way to provide highly qualified professional development for paraeducators."

Ceretha Levingston
Asst. Superintendent
Liberty-Eylau ISD, Texas

"It has allowed us to hire individuals without a two-year degree and still be highly qualified."

Katherine Strong
Dir. Sp. Ed./Pupil Services
School District of Tomahawk, Wiconsin