Secrets for Deepening Learning Book

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This learning guide contains 32 of the best strategies to deepen student learning and help create life-long learners.

With space for notes and journaling questions, readers are encouraged to stop and record their reflections after each strategy. This allows them to practice what they have learned and reflect upon it repeatedly.

It is a book with a goal—to make the application of these core principles as easy as possible and a permanent part of each teacher’s repertoire of skills and to deepen teachers’ own learning of what they do and how they do it.

Lessons include:

Positioning Yourself to Achieve Student Growth
Start With Your Beliefs
Next...Adopt These Eight Characteristics
Assess Your Powers Of Persistence

Strategies for Achieving Deep Learning
Seven Factors That Make Students Pay Attention To Your Teaching
How To Use Preview And Review To Engage Learners
Use Six Ingredients To Accelerate Learning
Seven Crucial Steps To Differentiate Your Teaching
Seven Strategies Can Help You Influence Students
Break It Down To Increase Learning
Tapping The Power Of Flow

Questioning and Attaining Deep Dialogue
Seven Secrets For Achieving Deep Dialogue
Five Questioning Techniques To Strengthen Your Teaching
How To Keep Students Thinking When You Ask Questions

Setting the Stage for Students to Achieve Even Deeper and Richer Learning
Set The Stage For Breakthrough Learning
The Power Of Students Teaching Students
Tap The Power: When Students Talk About Their Learning
Ten Ways To Boost The Quality Of Student Work
Are You Expecting Enough From Your Very Best Students?

Helping Struggling Students
Eight Keys To Success With Struggling Learners
Teach Students To Adjust Their Strategies When They Struggle
Before You Blame A Student For Not Learning
Leading Students Out Of The Fear Zone
Be A Turnaround Specialist

Assessing Students
How Often Must You Measure?
Five Ways To Translate Skills Into Scores
Eight Quick Ways To Collect Assessment Data
Five Ways To Increase Learning And Growth While Assessing Students
How To Know Students Are Getting It
Enlist Students As Partners In Formative Assessment
Use Think Time To Assess What Students Really Know
Why Assessment Needs To Be A Collaborative Activity
Feedback You Must Receive From Students
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Secrets for Deepening Learning Book
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Secrets for Deepening Learning Book