The Master Teacher Weekly Pd Program

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Give your teachers the only continuous, research-based, weekly learning program. 

Now available as a podcast!

Your teachers will receive 36 lessons delivered weekly with impactful methods, techniques, and best practices to help them succeed!

Each print and online lesson includes:
  • Feature Article
    The content is specific to one of six areas of professional focus: Professional Responsibilities, Learners and Learning, Learning Environment, Instructional Effectiveness, Assessment, and Leadership.
  • Tips for Immediate Application
    Each lesson contains tips covering key topics like Managing Behavior, Relationships with Students, Relationships with Colleagues, Engagement, and Teaching Techniques.
  • Questions for Reflection
    Questions are provided to initiate collegial dialogue during individual, small-group, or large-group teacher training in order to allow staff to continue making connections regarding the relevance of the training topic.
  • Inspirational Quote
    The quote offers third-person support to the message of the feature article and is designed to inspire and confirm the work and mission of teachers and the school.

Questions for Credit
Questions for credit are additional questions you can use to offer teachers a way to earn Professional Development Points (PDPs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for reading and reflecting upon The Master Teacher Weekly PD Program lessons.
If you choose to award credit, we recommend 0.5 credits for reading each lesson and completing the posttest and an additional 0.5 credits for completing the essay questions.

More Benefits for Online Users:
  • At the end of each lesson, test questions are provided to check for understanding.
  • Upon successfully passing the test, the course is considered complete and a completion certificate is generated.
  • For your convenience, a comprehensive transcript of all completed courses is provided.
View a sample lesson:

Move From Engagement To Empowerment