The Master Teacher Weekly Pd Program

SKU: MT Weekly Pd Program
$59.00 to $69.00
$59.00 to $69.00
Give your teachers the only continuous, research-based, weekly learning program. 

Your teachers will receive 36 lessons delivered weekly with impactful methods, techniques, and best practices to help them succeed!

Each print and online lesson includes:
  • Feature Article
    The content is specific to one of six areas of professional focus: Professional Responsibilities, Learners and Learning, Learning Environment, Instructional Effectiveness, Assessment, and Leadership.
  • Tips for Immediate Application
    Each lesson contains tips covering key topics like Managing Behavior, Relationships with Students, Relationships with Colleagues, Engagement, and Teaching Techniques.
  • Questions for Reflection
    Questions are provided to initiate collegial dialogue during individual, small-group, or large-group teacher training in order to allow staff to continue making connections regarding the relevance of the training topic.
  • Inspirational Quote
    The quote offers third-person support to the message of the feature article and is designed to inspire and confirm the work and mission of teachers and the school.

More Benefits for Online Users:
  • At the end of each lesson, test questions are provided to check for understanding.
  • Upon successfully passing the test, the course is considered complete and a completion certificate is generated.
  • For your convenience, a comprehensive transcript of all completed courses is provided.
View a sample lesson:

Move From Engagement To Empowerment