Paraeducator's Guide to Supporting Modifications

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Help your paraeducators understand, plan for, and carry out appropriate accommodations and modifications for students with all types of special needs with this indispensable, 120-page resource.

Lessons Include:

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Why We Modify for Some Students
Special Support Programs
Reasons for Making Modifications
The Fairness Issue

Section 3: Modification Basics
General Modification Guidelines
Working with General Classroom Teachers
The Differences Between Instructional and Curricular Modifications

Section 4: A Collection of Modification Strategies
General Tips and Skills
Accommodations for Common Classroom Troubles
Specific "How To" Strategies
  • How to Question Students
  • How to Read Materials, Worksheets, and Tests Aloud
  • How to Provide Extended Time and Shortened Assignments
  • How to Include Students in Cooperative Learning Groups
  • How to Incorporate Mnemonic Instruction
  • How to Use Graphic Organizers
  • How to Handle Oral Answers and Be a Scribe
  • How to Provide Note-Taking Assistance
  • How to Develop and Adapt Study Guides
  • How to Maximize Student Learning Styles
  • How to Use Task Analysis
  • How to Develop and Use Visual Schedules
  • How to Support Classroom Testing
  • How to Include Instructional Games and Activities
  • How to Manage Student Behavior
  • How to Monitor Student Progress

Section 5: Supporting Curricular Modifications
Levels of Modification: Revisited
Suggestions for Making Curricular Modifications
Parting Words to Paraeducators

Section 6: Forms, References, and Appendix
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Paraeducator's Guide to Supporting Modifications
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Paraeducator's Guide to Supporting Modifications