Courses for Teaching Online

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This collection of courses is designed to help teachers teach more effectively online and in a blended learning environment.

Course Titles Available August 1:
  • Creating the Environment for Online Learning
  • Formative Assessment in an Online World
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships with Students
  • Gaining Student Buy-In and Participation
  • Utilizing Videoconferencing in the Age of Distance Learning
  • Online Discussion Boards: Setting a Place at the Table for All Students
  • Forming and Maintaining the Trust Bond Between Teacher, Student, and Now Parents in the Online Learning Environment
  • Getting Down to Basics and Cutting Out the Fluff
  • To Grade or Not to Grade
  • Managing Your Family While Teaching

Additional Course Titles Available September 1:
  • Managing Teacher Anxiety and Stress in the Age of COVID-19
  • Tending to the Social-Emotional Needs of Students
  • Starting Class/Ending Class
  • Prep 101 for an Uncertain Year
  • Setting Up a Tech Boot Camp for Student Success
  • Creating and Maintaining Student Engagement