You Can! Handle Them All Behavior Bundle App

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The You Can! Handle Them All Behavior Bundle App describes 136 student behavior precisely and . . .
  • Identifies the primary causes of each behavior.
  • Tells how each behavior affects teachers, other students, and the learning environment.
  • Offers up to 34 techniques for managing each student behavior.
  • Cross-references related student behaviors.

Micro lessons are included within the app to help you understand the underlying causes of each misbehavior in order to correct it. 

Price chart reflects annual price per user. 

Each behavior is listed in a systematic, easy-to-use, 4-step behavior guide:

1. Identify the Behavior
This step lists specific student attitudes and actions so you can easily identify which of the 136 different behaviors applies. Check the "See Also" section at the end of each behavior to cross-reference related behaviors.

2. Understand the Effects of the Behavior
This step determines how the behavior affects the teacher, classmates, parents, and the learning environment.

3. Identify the Causes, Student Needs, and Techniques to Manage the Behavior
This step considers the primary causes of misbehavior, the primary and secondary needs that are influencing behavior, and specific suggestions for modifying and changing it.

4. Avoid Mistakes That May Intensify the Behavior
This step explains common misjudgments and errors in managing the behavior that my perpetuate or intensify the problem.