Ready-to-Use Inservice Workshops: Social-Emotional Learning

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We've done the preparation so you can do the presentation. Each ready-to-use inservice workshop provides up to three hours of training and contains:

  • USB flash drive with electronic files of all materials for portability.
  • Presenter's resource binder with printouts of all materials.
  • Hard cover box for easy storage.

Presession and planning materials
Scheduling and planning resources and forms save you valuable preparation time.
  • Workshop overview
  • Flyer to promote attendance
  • Email message with prereading assignment
  • Attendance sheet
  • Materials list and suggestions for room set-up

Presentation materials
Customizable PowerPoint presentations, anticipated questions with suggested responses, and attendee activities and handouts help engage learners and support instruction.
  • PowerPoint presentation with presenter's notes for up to three hours of training
  • Presentation outline
  • Attendee handouts and activities
  • Workshop agenda

Postsession materials
Follow-up and extension activities encourage learning long after the session ends.
  • Follow-up emails, activities, and implementation guides
  • Evaluation form
  • Certificates of completion
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