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You don't need to be a psychiatrist to handle student behavior, but you do need to understand the purpose of a student's misbehavior in order to correct the behavior and be an effective teacher with all students. And it's important to the whole school that teacher attitudes, positions, and actions be uniform and consistent. 

Four Understanding Behavior Before You Can Discipline courses will hone the behavior management skills of teachers, who in turn, will make a difference for the students who need them most.

Titles include:

How Student Needs and Teacher Attitudes Influence Behavior
When faced with behavior challenges, you must know two things: yourself and students. In truth, we don't teach subjects - we teach students. This course explains three variables in every discipline problem, the primary and secondary needs of every student, and the four primary causes of misbehavior. 

Positioning Yourself to Strategically Handle Behavior
To effectively manage behavior, you must position yourself correctly as an advocate for students. This course prepares you mentally and professionally to handle the unacceptable behavior and change it to acceptable behavior and explains 12 attitudes and strategies to use in effectively managing behavior.

Effectively Changing Inappropriate Behavior to Appropriate Behavior Part I
For behavior challenges, it’s important to know the actions to take in addition to the actions to avoid. Knowing the do's and don'ts of your actions is critical because your relationship with one student affects your relationship with all students. This course provides 14 actions to use, specific to the misbehavior and the misbehaving student, and includes the actions to avoid.

Effectively Changing Inappropriate Behavior to Appropriate Behavior Part II
This course adds 13 strategic actions to your repertoire of skills so you can handle misbehavior and experience the rewards of being effective with misbehaving students and the class. 

The Understanding Behavior Before You Can Discipline book helps you
Understand exactly how students' primary and secondary needs can and do influence behaviors in the classroom and at home.
Develop professional attitudes toward discipline problems — and learn the laws and principles of managing people which teach us the predictable responses of students to our actions.
Adopt a strategic position in discipline situations that facilitates success rather than causes academic failure.
Acquire specific actions which can be employed immediately in discipline situations.

The accompanying study guide provides activities and reflection questions that can be completed individually, in pairs, or in groups to achieve professional growth and implement best practices.

Chapter Titles:

Student Needs Influence Appropriate and Inappropriate Behavior
Strategic Attitude
Strategic Position
Strategic Action
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