You Can Handle Them All Bullying Book

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Based on our You Can Handle Them All book on student behavior, this special edition is a systematic, easy-to-use guide for educators to help them define and successfully handle 27 different bullying and cyberbullying behaviors.

Since bullies don’t conform to a single profile or harass targets in the same way, this model is designed to help educators address a spectrum of bullying behaviors—both traditional and online. By working from the same foundation, members of a school team can ask, what kind of bully are we facing? Then they can apply specific solutions to deal with the aggressive behavior. It is important to know how the bully and his or her targets are situated in the social fabric of school life. Otherwise we may focus exclusively on obvious cliques, while lesser-known individuals or groups perpetuate harmful behavior.

Every state and school district has policies that prohibit the harassment, intimidation, and bullying of students. This resource and supplemental material available for teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents is intended to complement existing state and local policies. This book:

  • Identifies the primary causes and motives of each behavior so that it can be handled correctly.
  • Tells how each behavior affects teachers, students, and the learning environment.
  • Offers a number of strategies for handling each bullying behavior.
  • Reveals common mistakes to avoid when trying to correct each behavior.
  • Cross-references other related behaviors.

This special edition includes the most common bullying behaviors from You Can Handle Them All, PLUS 12 additional cyberbullying behaviors!

Bullying Behaviors

The Agitator
The Angry
The Authority Pusher
The Bully
The Defier
The Destroyer
The Fighter
The Gossip
The Hater
The Jealous
The Lewd
The Liar
The Name-Caller
The Overly Aggressive
The Vindictive
Cyberbullying Behaviors

The Denigrator
The Excluder
The Harasser
The Impersonator
The Jealous Ex
The "Mean Girls/Guys" Cyberbully
The "Outer"
The Reactor
The Stalker
The Techno Sniper 
The Troller
The Vengeful Angel
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You Can Handle Them All Bullying Book