Winning with Parents Book

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Building parent-teacher relationships is crucial to student success. Parents have experiences and insights regarding their children that teachers will never have. Between all the complaints and concerns, teachers often forget what a valuable resource parents can be. And as professionals, teachers need to reach out to parents and share the responsibility of supporting students.

This learning guide provides teachers with perspectives and strategies they need to relate to parents professionally to maximize student learning.

Lessons Include:

The Rights of Parents
The Precarious Position of Parents
Sharing the Responsibility with Parents

Communicating with Parents
Winning Over Today's Parents
How to Make Raving Fans Out Of Parents
Seven Commandments for Communicating with Parents
Actions to Open Lines of Communication with Parents
Sending Notes Home
Three Techniques for Listening
Answer the Question Every Parent Asks

Relating to Parents
Parent Pressure
A Six-Step Plan for Handling Parent Complaints
Reaching Out to Parents
Handling and Helping Upset Parents
Don't Let A Few Parents Pull You Under

Conferencing with Parents
Dress for Respect
Preparing for Conducting Parent Teacher Conferences
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Winning with Parents Book
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Winning with Parents Book