Why Students Disengage

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Why Students Disengage in American Schools and What We Can Do About It addresses the pervasive problem of student disengagement, offers a new way of understanding this problem’s cause, and provides practical strategies for fostering engagement and learning.

Lessons Include:

Part 1: A Place Called School
Little Red Riding Hood Goes to School
Why Do We Need School?
The Who, Why, and Where of School
Encountering My First Wolf in School
More Than Anything Else, School Is . . .

Part 2: The Inner Life of Students
The Influence of Messages and the Power of OPOs
I'm Not Good Enough
I'm Not Smart Enough

Part 3: Engagement 101
The Fear to Faith Factor
Classroom Processes: Creating Safe Connections That Foster Student Engagement
Results: "Whadya Get?"
Fostering a Classroom and School-wide Culture of Safety and Trust

Part 4: It's Possible
Striving for a Wolf-free Class
Striving for a Wolf-free School
The Vocation of Teaching Students in American Schools