Starting Strong in the First 60 Days Book, Vol 2

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Getting off to a good start—whether it’s your first year of teaching or your twentieth—is so important that we’ve created another volume of strategies for the beginning of the school year.

This guide helps teachers and teacher mentors develop the best possible learning environment so that they can focus on what they most want to do: Teach.

Lessons include:

  • A Six-Point Prescription For A Great Start... And A Great School Year
  • Your First-Day Message: “I Want You To Win”
  • Tell Students, “You Can... You Will... You Are... You Did”
  • Special Student Relationships Produce Special Results
  • Make Sure Students See These Top Ten In You
  • A Recipe For A Respectful Classroom
  • Six Secrets You Can Use To Increase Student Learning
  • The Hands...The Head...The Heart…
  • How To Make Every Learning Minute Count
  • Six Classroom Routines You Need To Teach
  • “Frontload” The Learning Environment
  • Seven Motivators You Can Use All Year Long
  • Effective Assessment Is A Process, Not A Test
  • Five Facets Of Feedback That Increase Achievement
  • Seven Keys For Discussing And Enforcing Rules
  • The Five Relationships Of Students
  • A Misbehaving Student, The Class, And You
  • Seven Assurances Parents Want For The New Year
  • Create A Partnership With Parents From The Start
  • How To Make Raving Fans Out Of Parents
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Starting Strong in the First 60 Days Book, Vol 2
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Starting Strong in the First 60 Days Book, Vol 2