Student Behavior Book Set

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Give your teachers the essential resources they need to effectively and professionally manage student behavior. The Student Behavior Book Set—featuring Before You Can Discipline and You Can Handle Them All—lays the framework for understanding and managing behavior issues, and provides practical steps to define and correct 124 student behaviors.

Before You Can Discipline introduces critical skills educators must apply before they can effectively manage student behavior, such as:

  • Understanding exactly how students’ primary and secondary needs can and do influence behavior in the classroom and at home.
  • Developing professional attitudes toward discipline problems.
  • Learning the laws and principles of managing people which teach us students’ predictable responses to our actions.
  • Adopting a strategic position in discipline situations.

You Can Handle Them All is a systematic, easy-to-use reference guide that takes the guesswork out of your treatment of behavior issues. Presented in outline form, it:

  • Identifies the primary cause of 124 student behaviors.
  • Tells how each behavior affects teachers, students, and the learning environment.
  • Offers up the 34 techniques for managing each student behavior.
  • Reveals the common mistakes teachers often make when trying to correct behaviors.
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