Creating the Environment to Maximize Student Learning Book

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In a study published by the DeBruyn Institute for Teaching Excellence and Kansas State University, Voices From the Field, teachers, principals, and superintendents all agreed on the number one characteristic of a Master Teacher: That he or she creates the environment that advances student learning.

How does a teacher create this kind of environment? Drawing from research by The Kettering Foundation that examined the elements of climate and culture, we have provided teachers with the following 35 lessons aligned with the categories of Respect, Trust, Caring, Continuous Academic and Social Growth, Opportunity for Input/Ownership, High Morale, and Cohesiveness. Each lesson is followed by a journaling activity.

A Recipe For A Successful Classroom
If You Want Respect...
The One Rule You Need
When A Student Is Disrespectful
Sarcasm: The Alienator

Building A Culture Of Trust From The First Day
Is It Fair… And Feasible?
Six Things Underperforming Students Won’t Tell You

The Vital Role Of Caring In Teaching And Learning
Relationships Always Come First
The Five Relationships Of Students
The Benefits Of Letting Students Know You Like Them
What Students Really Want From You
The Most Powerful Statement You Can Make To Students
Kids Who Need Us The Most
Why Some Students Can Handle Our Toughness

Continuous Academic & Social Growth
Seven Ways To Make Your Class Great
Begin By Telling Students To Take The Apple
Remember: Competitive Learning Is The Least Productive
You Can Teach Students Not To Give Up
The Most Effective Way To Teach Responsibility
What You Need To Know About Incentives For Learning
Praise The Behaviors That Matter
How To Be Demanding And Supportive
Ways To Correct Without Crushing

Opportunity for Input/Ownership
Ownership Is The Key
Use Student Voice And Choice To Build Ownership

High Morale
“I Want You To Win”
You Really Can And Must Make Learning Fun
Give Students A Glimpse Of A Brighter Future
Hope: The “Oxygen” For Learning
The Do’s And Don’ts Of Positive Reinforcement

What’s Your Role In Your School
One Team, One Spirit, One Mission
Your Personal Need For Commitment
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Creating the Environment to Maximize Student Learning Book
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Creating the Environment to Maximize Student Learning Book