Teacher's Guide to Modifications

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This book offers a comprehensive set of instructional modification strategies teachers can use for planning and carrying out accommodations. It also details the issues involved with making curricular modifications, including the potential levels of participation for students with special needs, the resource intensiveness involved at each level, and the task of monitoring and documenting progress.

Section 1: Why We Modify for Some Students details the support programs—such as special education, ESL, Title 1, and Section 504—that provide support to students who meet specific eligibility guidelines. In addition, this section outlines the reasons it is necessary to modify instruction or curriculum for some students.

Section 2: Issues Involved in Making Modifications delves into some of the thorny issues associated with making modifications—including fairness, grading, the necessity and limits of information sharing, the practical and ethical issues of confidentiality, and assessment.

Section 3: Modification Basics defines the who, when, what, and how much of making modifications. In addition, this section discusses the differences between instructional and curricular modifications and why the distinction is important for the teacher, the student, and support staff.

Section 4: Instructional Modifications discusses the ins and outs of planning and implementing accommodations, and offers over 50 pages of accommodation tips in specific areas.

Section 5: Curricular Modifications discusses approaches for modifications that alter the outcomes and intent of instruction—including characteristics of curricular modifications, tips for making them, and how to monitor and document student progress.

Section 6: References and Forms provides useful forms and handouts that you can use to structure, facilitate, and document your modification efforts.

Today's climate of inclusive classrooms and increased accountability makes it more important than ever before to make sure every teacher has the tools to help every student succeed. This book is one of the most useful tools you will find for supporting students with diverse learning needs.

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Teacher's Guide to Modifications
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Teacher's Guide to Modifications