The Inclusion Facilitator Book

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This 240-page guidebook takes administrators, special education teachers, and classroom teachers through the steps needed to build and maintain a successful inclusion program.

No matter what instructional model you're using, this book will help your staff:

  • Coordinate student support activities by defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Streamline communication with structured, logical processes.
  • Increase student achievement by planning modifications and managing IEP goals.
  • Write and implement plans for co-teaching.

Lessons Include:

Section 1: Building Consensus and Support
Accommodations and Modifications: How They Are Developed
Reasons for Making Modifications
Perceptions and Values
Barrier Issues
Managing Resistance

Section 2: Planning Student Modifications
Considering Individual Student Modifications
Decision Factors in Making Modifications
Types of Modifications: Instructional vs. Curricular
How to Make Curricular Modifications
Integrating Student Goals and Objectives into the General Classroom
Individual Modification Planning: Putting It All Together
Modifications and Student Involvement

Section 3: Understanding Modifications and the Options
The Nature of Modifications
The Options for Instructional and Curricular Modifications
Perspective 1—Resource Intensiveness
Perspective 2—Numbers of Students
Perspective 3—Instructional or Curricular Modifications Implications
Description of Modifications Options
Instructional Modifications (Accommodations)
Curricular Modifications
Connection of Modifications to the General Curriculum
Test Modifications
Implementing and Evaluating Modification Strategies
General Comments About Modifications
A Special Note to Secondary Staff

Section 4: The PassPORT Documents: Student Information Profiles
An Overview of the PassPORT Documents
Filling Out the PassPORT Document
Sharing Student Information
Using PassPORTs Effectively
Connection of PassPORTs to Special Education IEPs

Section 5: Collaborative Instructional and Program Planning
The Nature and Value of Planning
The “Opportunity Costs” of Appropriate Classroom Support
The “Ultimate” Collaborative Tool
Instructional Co-Planning Documents
Cautions Regarding Instructional Planning
Program Planning: Small Steps
Long-Range Planning

Section 6: Delivering Support
Implementing Modifications, Interventions, and Strategies
Collaborative Instruction: Direct, Indirect, or a Combination
Considerations for Collaborative Instruction
Consultative Services
Pull-Out or Resource Support
Effective Use of Paraeducators
Summary of Delivery of Support
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The Inclusion Facilitator Book

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The Inclusion Facilitator Book