Making Every Lesson Highly Effective Book

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This guide gives teachers the direction and guidance to structure and plan lessons so they know that students are learning as much as possible.

Using The Master Teacher's Results-Oriented Teaching Model, teachers of any experience level will understand the solid strategies to incorporate into lesson plans that will help ensure student success and build comprehension of material.

Self-directed activities throughout the book enable teachers to reflect on their current teaching practices and consider how they can incorporate the elements of results-oriented teaching in their classrooms today.

Making Every Lesson Highly Effective covers these important elements of great teaching:

  • Delivering the crucial what, why, and how of a lesson so students will be prepared for learning.
  • The benefits of briefly reviewing the learning from previous lessons for continuity.
  • Supplying relevant information and examples that directly pertain to the lesson—and eliminating material that may confuse or sidetrack students.
  • The advantages of modeling the learning by explaining or demonstrating the thinking process involved in completing the task.
  • Checking for comprehension to gauge student learning and determine whether the class is ready to practice the skills of the lesson.
  • Enhancing student performance with effective practice.
  • Gauging students' learning and providing feedback that connects their responses to the learning objectives.
  • Providing closure to instruction which reinforces learning.
  • Self-directed activities for professional growth.
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Making Every Lesson Highly Effective Book
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Making Every Lesson Highly Effective Book