Building Better Learners Book

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Becoming better learners requires both time and patience. It requires working through frustration and learning strategies to employ so as not to give up when learning gets hard or complicated. Students need to be able to take what they know about learning in one context and apply it in an unfamiliar way or new circumstance. And they have to be able to learn from one another and collaborate to bring about successful outcomes. This book gives teachers the winning attitudes and strategies to cause all students to become willing and able lifetime learners.

Each lesson is followed by a journaling activity.

Lessons Include:

The Deadly Power of Discouragement and the Vital Need to Uncover and Activate Student Strengths
The Child Killer…Discouragement
Overcoming The Four Greatest Fears Of Students
Finding The Gifted…In Each Student;
It’s Easy To Miss Strong Achievement Needs
Are Your Assumptions About Students Holding Them Back?
Why We Must Be Practitioners Of Personalized Learning

A Blueprint for Creating Better Learners
How To Help The Brain To Learn
A Blueprint For Creating Better Learners
Shift The Focus From Compliance To Commitment
Arguments That Help Students Make Learning A Top Priority
Ten Ways To Model The Behavior You Want From Students
It Pays To Assess Ownership Of Learning
Add Learning Plans To Your Lesson Plans
What Are You Doing That Students Should Do
Ways To Teach Students Independent Work Skills
Vital Skills To Help Students Become Independent Learners

Developing Skilled Thinkers
The Vital Strategies Of Skilled Thinkers
A Sure Way To Keep Students Thinking
Eight Ways To Build Student Thinking Skills
Six Secrets You Can Use To Increase Student Learning
Sure-Fire Ways To Engage Students
Awakening The Creativity In Students
The Good Struggle

Specific Help for Specific Student Behaviors
Six Things Underperforming Students Won’t Tell You
The Student Who Says… “I Can’t”
How To Respond When Students Balk At Giving Effort
Ways To Engage The Disengaged Student
Best-Kept Secrets For Handling The Nonparticipator
Teaching Students To Cope With Frustration
Tips For Talking To Students About Performance
Techniques To Lead Students To Optimism
Six Soft Skills We Must Teach
The Multiple Benefits Of Teaching Mindfulness
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Building Better Learners Book
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Building Better Learners Book