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You Can Handle Them All App

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To really influence student behavior, teachers need to understand both the reasons for common misbehavior and the actions they should take. This app enables educators to develop the skills necessary to understand the causes of behavior, manage discipline problems, and increase student motivation. Abstracted from up to 34 actions listed for each of the behaviors addressed in the You Can Handle Them All book, the app places the correct discipline techniques at teachers' fingertips.

While teachers should still refer to the book for a complete understanding of the behavior and long-term actions, the app provides a quick reference during class time. Presented in outline form, the app:

  • Lists specific attitudes/actions of the student at school and/or at home.
  • Identifies the primary cause of each behavior.
  • Suggests techniques and methods for helping the student adjust his/her behavior.
  • Reveals the common mistakes teachers often make when trying to correct behaviors.
  • Cross references other related behaviors.

Examples of student behaviors addressed include:

The Agitator
The Attention Demander
The Bully
The Class Clown
The Excuse Maker
The Fighter
The Know-It-All
The Manipulator
The Procrastinator
Talks Back

Plus over 100 others!

Purchase this app for iOS devices from the App Store here
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You Can Handle Them All