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The Superintendent's GPS

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As a leader in your organization, you can't choose the difficult dilemmas you will face in your career. But you should know that where there is adversity, there is always opportunity. How you choose to handle difficult situations will make all the difference in building trust and confidence in your leadership and the satisfaction and rewards you feel from being a leader. In fact, the ramifications of your actions during and after a difficult situation will last longer and may prove to be far more important than the situation itself.

The superintendent's GPS includes over 120 examples of the most difficult situations with clear steps on how to respond and proceed.

Topics include:

  • Working successfully with board members
  • Budget issues
  • Engaging the community
  • Criticism of your performance
  • Leading change
  • Media/publicity
  • Handling staff misconduct
  • Personal job growth
  • Risky policy decisions
  • Staffing/hiring
  • Student issues