Substitute Teacher Training Guide

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Maximize your substitute teachers' use of time with this practical learning guide.

Each chapter can stand on its own, so a substitute teacher can go through the book in any order. Some substitutes may find it helpful to concentrate on areas of need or major interest first, and then examine the remaining chapters as the need arises.

Chapter I: Obstacles the Substitute Teacher Must Overcome
Previous Impressions of Substitutes
Other Factors That May Diminish the Success of Substitute Teachers

Chapter II: Connecting with the School Staff and Administration
Identifying the Need for Support
School Administration
Office Support Staff
Custodial and Building Maintenance Staff
Other Teachers

Chapter III: Initial Impressions: Starting the Day
Arrival Strategies
Activities to Start the Day
Establishing Yourself
Beyond the Introduction

Chapter IV: Positive Classroom Management
Effective Techniques
The Substitute Teacher’s World
Strategies to Positively Impact Student Behavior

Chapter V: Curriculum Management
Preparation Factors
Active Engagement

Chapter VI: Active Learning
What Is Active Learning?
Cautions or Considerations for Using Active Learning
Active Learning Strategies and Examples

Chapter VII: Practical Strategies to Build Your Reputation for Substituting and Teaching
Commitment to the School
Flexibility in Assignment
Flexibility While on the Job
Focus on Doing a Good Job in the Classroom
Positive Comments about the Teacher, Room, and Students When Substituting
Working Beyond What Is Required
Dressing in a Professional Manner
Providing Accurate Information
Data Gathering Methods

Chapter VIII: Negotiating Your Personal Schedule and Substitute Placement Services
Personal Management Strategies
Navigating Substitute Placement Systems

Chapter IX: The Long-Term Substitute
Considerations for Long-Term Substituting
How to Connect in a Long-Term Substitute Teaching Position
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Substitute Teacher Training Guide
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Substitute Teacher Training Guide