School Customer Service Book Set

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Grow enrollment in your school or district by practicing great customer service.

With School Customer Service: The Power You Need to Cause Parents and Students to Choose Your Schools, you can engage teachers, administrators, and support staff in important conversations about:

  • Sizable revenues in state aid and tuition that you might be losing by not meeting the needs of parents and students and the community as a whole.
  • Who your competitors are for students and what they may be offering that you aren't.
  • How you can recapture revenue by meeting more needs and attracting students and parents to your school or district.
  • How parents think differently than educators and how not understanding parent thinking gets in the way of providing great service.
  • Additional needs you can meet without more money.
  • The strategies essential to building relationships and rapport with customers.

The activities and reflection questions provided in the companion workbook will give you the ability to lead people through meaningful discussions about how to improve the service you provide to your school customers.
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