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You Can Handle Them All for Parents Book

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A home version of our best-selling book, You Can Handle Them All, this behavior guide encourages parents and teachers to work together to solve behavior issues that could be affecting a child's performance at home and at school. 123 chapters, each on a different behavior.

Every chapter:

  • Describes each behavior precisely.
  • Tells how each behavior affects the parents, other family members, peers, and the learning environment.
  • Gives parents up to 25 techniques for managing each behavior.
  • Highlights the common mistakes parents make when trying to correct behaviors.
  • Cross references related behaviors.

Examples of behaviors addressed include:

Bosses Others Around
Acts Disrespectfully
Makes Excuses
Says "I Don't Care"
Shows Off
Questions Others
Plus 116 others!
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You Can Handle Them All for Parents Book