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To really influence student behavior, teachers and parents need to understand both the reasons for common misbehavior and the actions they should take to correct it. This website enables educators to develop the skills necessary to understand the causes of behavior, manage discipline problems, and increase student motivation.

Based on the You Can Handle Them All book, this online resource takes the guesswork out of your treatment of behavior issues by offering specific techniques for handling various behaviors at school and at home.

This systematic, easy-to-use reference guide helps educators define and correct 124 student behaviors.

Presented in outline form, it:

  • Identifies the primary cause of each behavior.
  • Tells how each behavior affects teachers, students, and the learning environment.
  • Offers up to 34 techniques for managing each student behavior.
  • Reveals the common mistakes teachers often make when trying to correct behaviors.

Examples of student behaviors addressed include:
The Arrogant
The Attention Demander
The Bully
The Complainer
The Disrespectful
The Fighter
The Goer
The Interrupter
The Know-It-All
The Manipulator
The Procrastinator
The Skeptic
Talks Back
The Questioner
The Victim
Plus over 100 others!

View a sample behavior:

The Class Clown
View alignment to standards:

You Can Handle Them All