School Bus Driver Training DVD Set

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Today's bus drivers have a huge responsibility—getting students back and forth between home and school safely—but the job doesn't end there.

This DVD series will help you provide bus drivers with consistent direction and training for the many situations they will encounter beyond driving safety. It is not intended as a basic driving course, but rather as a source of information and help for the most common "people" issues faced by bus drivers today. Watch a video clip from DVD 2.

There are 7 videos in this series.

DVD 1: The Professional Bus Driver and Student Safety (19 minutes)
This DVD discusses the most common student safety issues that bus drivers will face, including what they should do about them, which type of problems they should handle, and which they should refer to other authorities.

DVD 2: Establishing a Positive Environment on Your Bus (24 minutes)
This DVD gives drivers the important concepts and strategies they need to establish a positive atmosphere on their buses, including setting and following through with reasonable behavior expectations and keeping positive behavior through the use of positive reinforcement.

DVD 3: Dealing with Severe Disruptions (20 minutes)
This DVD will help drivers identify potentially serious situations and will give them strategies to de-escalate problems and manage situations while maintaining student safety. Finally, it will teach them when to seek outside assistance in dealing with a disruptive situation.

DVD 4: Engaging the Support of the School Administration (20 minutes)
This DVD will help bus drivers learn relationship-building skills, how to clearly communicate a problem and the steps needed to address it, what kinds of issues should be communicated to administrators, and how to report issues to parents in order to gain their support.

DVD 5: The Role of the Bus Driver in Public Relations (18 minutes)
This DVD will focus on developing good communication with parents before problems arise, tips for effectively managing the route to set the best tone, the role of the bus appearance, and ways to communicate clearly and accurately with students, parents, and school officials.

DVD 6: Establishing a Positive Attitude and Taking Care of Yourself (20 minutes)
This DVD offers strategies to help bus drivers understand their role, stay positive, and take care of themselves so that they can deal with stress in a productive manner.

DVD 7: Handling Students with Special Needs (21 minutes)
This DVD reviews specific situations bus drivers might encounter in regard to students with special needs and how to make the appropriate modifications and adjustments.

All DVDs include an optional stopping point for a discussion and a quiz at the end. The quiz measures drivers' comprehension of the material, allowing supervisors to gauge whether the drivers have learned important information.
Watch a video clip:

Establishing a Positive Environment on Your Bus