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Don’t let learning suffer when the classroom teacher’s away!
Use this program in your district and keep students on track for success.

This online PD program helps districts:

  • Train substitute teachers in a cost-effective way.
  • Screen substitute teacher applicants or newly-hired substitutes for job-related knowledge in order to properly hire and place them.
  • Assess the knowledge and ability of substitute teachers, and differentiate the instruction to meet their needs.

Relevant, real-world information to help substitute teachers be effective in the classroom.

This program includes:

  • 25 self-paced courses available 24/7.
  • Course post-tests to measure knowledge and learning.
  • Administrative reporting features and user tracking.

Plus, 3 assessments to help administrators evaluate and assess the skills and strengths of incoming candidates, as well as current substitute teachers. 

  • Assessment 1 – Classroom Management & Instruction
  • Assessment 2 – Reading, Writing, & Math: Knowledge and Application
  • Assessment 3 – Reading, Writing & Math: Instructional Support

Substitute Teacher Basics
STLN 101 – Introduction to Being a Substitute Teacher
STLN 102 – Making Connections and a Good Impression

Classroom Management
STLN 103 – The First 30 Seconds
STLN 104 – Being an Effective Classroom Manager
STLN 105 – Communication in the School

Discipline and Instruction
STLN 106 – Effective Classroom Discipline
STLN 107 – Active Learning
STLN 108 – Learning Styles and Strategies

First Aid/Emergency
STLN 109 – Bloodborne Pathogens
STLN 123 – Introduction to Emergency Action Principles
STLN 124 – Providing Care in an Emergency

STLN 125 – Confidentiality

STLN 110 – Supporting Instruction: Reading
STLN 111 – Supporting Instruction: Writing
STLN 112 – Supporting Instruction: Mathematics

Content Area: Knowledge and Skills
STLN 113 – Reading Comprehension: Narrative Texts
STLN 114 – Reading Comprehension: Informative Texts
STLN 115 – Reading Comprehension: Decoding Language and Utilizing Layout
STLN 116 – Writing Fundamentals: Parts of Speech and Effective Sentences
STLN 117 – Writing Fundamentals: Mechanics of Writing
STLN 118 – Mathematics: Understanding the Basic Skills
STLN 119 – Mathematics: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
STLN 120 – Basic Algebra
STLN 121 – Basic Geometry
STLN 122 – Mathematics: Data Analysis

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