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The #1 Training Resource for Paraeducators in the World!

Over 135 self-paced, online courses (about 40 to 60 minutes long) will give paraeducators:

  • An understanding of the importance of communication with teachers and students.
  • New strategies for supporting classroom instruction and making accommodations.
  • Guidelines and ideas on how to manage specific student behaviors.
  • Increased confidence in supporting students with disabilities in all areas.
All courses are available 24/7 and:
  • Include a course-specific glossary of keywords.
  • End with a 10-question test.
  • Contain application questions perfect for small group discussion.
  • Are research-based and written by practitioners.
  • Align with CEC standards for paraeducators.
Also included are two assessments that can be used to meet Title I, Section 1119 compliance for highly-qualified paraeducators. Training courses and practice assessments are included with the program.

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Paraeducator Sample Course Paraeducator Detailed Course List Paraeducator Knowledge and Application Overview Paraeducator Assessment Overview
Paraeducator Research Bibliography Paraeducator List of Contributors Paraeducator CEC Standards Administrators Desk Reference

What our customers are saying:

“We love [ParaEducator PD Now]. We've had it for several years now. I think it creates great common language and conversation among our staff.”

—Tiffany Niedringhaus, Special Services Coordinator
O'Fallon Township High School (IL)

“ParaEducator PD Now gives paraprofessionals the wide range of training they truly need to support students with all types of needs. And it’s extremely affordable and easy to use.”

—Dr. Luann Purcell, Executive Director
Council of Administrators of Special Education

“I have just finished completing all 136 of the PD Now courses. What a wonderful way to train paraprofessionals. I would highly recommend this program to any individual paraeducator who is interested in learning to be more effective. This program is filled with invaluable info that speaks directly to the situations that many paras currently handle with common sense and intuition. From the content, to the length of each course, BRAVO!

—Joyce Rainey, Paraprofessional
Bridge City ISD (TX)

“This training is effective, relevant, and delivered in a manner designed to meet the needs of our audience. Follow-up is immediate and continues to be available. The depth and range of course offerings available for paraeducators is another great strength.”

—Vicki Waters, Assistant Special Education and Regional Services Network Director
CESA 10 (WI)

“The ability to assign and monitor paraprofessionals' progress accessing the content as well as the ability to design local content are some of the real strengths of the system.”

—Kevin M. Kirst, Director of Special Education and Student Services
Albemarle County Public Schools (VA)

“The ability [for paras] to participate at any time and to choose modules that are of interest to them; no limit to the number of modules they can access! [ParaEducator PD Now] has increased their confidence in supporting our students with disabilities.”

—Dr. Rosalind Hall, Director of ESE and Student Services
Levy County School District (FL)

“We have found The Master Teacher paraprofessional online courses to be quite valuable not only in helping our teacher assistants earn ‘highly qualified’ status, but in expanding and enriching their knowledge of the field of education and their role therein.”

—Kim Schwabe, Supervising Teacher for the Deaf Department
Montana School for the Deaf and Blind

“I like the courses because many times the work covers areas that we, as paraprofessionals, are not aware of. The courses are more in depth and have examples on dealing with different situations. As far as I am concerned, they are a valuable tool in our training.”

—Mary Lou Wiest, Paraprofessional
Montana School for the Deaf and Blind

With ParaEducator PD Now, we can “assign certain staff classes based on need [and have the] ability to view the transcripts and get immediate feedback on student performance.”

—Nicole Morris, Assistant to the Superintendent
Chartiers-Houston (PA)

“ParaEducator PD Now is accessible at any time. It allows my teachers and paras to collaborate in determining what the paras’ needs are for professional development.”

—Karen Niemczyk, Special Education Director
USD 273 Beloit Special Education Cooperative (KS)

“Even some of our die hard ‘I don't want to use a computer’ paras are now singing the praises of PD Now! When I ask, they all say they enjoy it!”

—Joyce Hill, Executive Secretary
School District of Philadelphia (PA)