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Managing Behavior Problems 1: Anger and Aggression

End your reliance on high-priced consultants with expert professional development that is research-based, affordable, customizable, easy to deliver, and designed to encourage ongoing learning.
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In this module, participants will:
  • Identify the attitudes and actions of common problem behaviors that are associated with anger and aggression.
  • Learn the negative effects of these behaviors on themselves and their classrooms.
  • Learn how to address and eradicate these behaviors.
  • Realize common mistakes when dealing with these behaviors.

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Each turn-key workshop contains:
  • Pre-session and planning materials: Scheduling and planning resources and forms save you valuable preparation time.
  • Presentation materials: Customizable PowerPoint presentations, anticipated questions with suggested responses, and attendee activities and handouts help engage learners and support you during your workshop.
  • Post-session materials: Follow-up and extension activities help keep learning continuous—long after the session ends.

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